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With its field experience, S.M.A.T Training offers you an analysis as well as an evaluation of the applications. By our professionalism and our rigor we can select the profiles adapted to your missions. These profiles come from your database but can also come from our database.

We analyze your human needs and compete against the best selected profiles in order to offer you a panel that meets your needs.

We can carry out a profiling “session” in one of our European training centers for 2 to 5 days (adaptable). The candidates will be, in all confidentiality, confronted with themselves, with community life and under positive stress.



Choosing the right candidate is important, as is your reputation and your professionalism. By calling on professionals in the field, you guarantee the safety of your customers. Through our methodologies, we know how to target profiles, required qualities, necessary certifications and weakness of the position.

In addition, we can carry out a complete and precise verification on the various certifications, diplomas and attestation mentioned in an application file in order to give it total transparency.

For who?

For companies in the security or medical fields whose need is to obtain an optimal return over a fixed period


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    About S.M.A.T

    S.M.A.T Training is a professional structure of actors and operators from conventional medical circles and both state structures and private structures.


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