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Our history

S.M.A.T Training is a professional organization comprised of experts and practitioners from conventional medical fields, state institutions, and civil structures.

Our professional training programs ensure certifications in various sectors such as private security (ECPO), medical and civil operations (TECC), as well as international training and HEAT certification in collaboration with renowned organizations on the international and private stage (Mediapress).

Drawing upon our experience and firmly entrenched values, our Security Audit branch is an integral part of our group, enabling an in-depth analysis of our clients’ diverse needs for an optimal response.

As an accredited HIGHFIELD International center (14337) and a European Center of the SII Security Institute of Ireland, S.M.A.T Training also holds E.C.P.O. accreditation, certifying our expertise as the sole holder of the SII Certificate in Close Protection Officer at Advanced level.

We are also proud to have pioneered the creation and delivery of the first European Diploma in Close Protection Leadership and Management, “SII Diploma in Close Protection Leadership and Management“.

Our operations extend across various sites in Europe, Africa, and soon in the Middle East (MENA), where we are capable of delivering our complete range of training programs. Each of our courses is certified and enjoys significant recognition.

Our center

About S.M.A.T

S.M.A.T Training is a professional structure of actors and operators from conventional medical circles and both state structures and private structures.


Our centers