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Including TECC (level 2)

Description of the training

A Close Protection Officer is more commonly known as a Bodyguard, exercising his function either as a team or, during a mission, in full autonomy. He is responsible for ensuring the protection of people during professional or private trips while remaining in compliance with the law.

He is capable of securing and intervening to protect the person (s). He is a privileged interlocutor and a “facilitator” of life for the people to be protected and his entourage. He works discreetly.

Moreover, it is important to give an international perspective to a career CPO. This vision has to take the biggest international bodies account (NATO, EU, EEAS, NGO’s, UN, etc.). A suitable and optimal training AND a recognized international certificates will be the major asset in an international application.

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    Course content

    UNIT 1: Work as a close protection officer
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a close protection officer
    • Understand basic surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques
    • Understand the legislation related to a close protection officer
    • Understand the importance of interpersonal skills in a close protection environment
    • Understand the importance of recognition in a close protection environment
    • Understand search procedures in a close protection environment
    • Being able to establish and maintain secure environments
    UNIT 2: Planning, preparation and support of a close protection operation
    • Understand the importance of threat assessment, risk management and operational planning
    • Understand the importance of teamwork and operational briefing in a close protection environment
    • Understanding close protection “on foot” exercises
    • Understand the importance of planning route selection
    • Understand the importance of transport management in the close protection environment
    • Understand incident management in a close protection environment
    • Understanding site security operations
    • Ability to plan and prepare for a close protection operation
    • Be able to provide close protection to a “principal”
    UNIT 3: Conflict management in the private security industry
    • Principles of conflict management
    • How to recognize, assess and reduce risks
    • How to communicate in emotional situations to defuse a conflict,
    • How to develop and use problem-solving strategies to resolve conflicts
    • Best practices to follow after conflict situations.
    UNIT 4: Medic  TECC level 2

    Medic  TECC level 2

      Practical information

      • Duration : intensive practice + online modules 
      • Location 1 : Italy
      • Location 2 :  Ireland
      • Language : French, English or Italian
      • Exam language : French, English
      • Certification : SII, Highfield

        First and only European certificate certified by SII, SECURITY INSTITUTE of IRELAND. It allows recognition of equivalence in ALL member countries of the European Union

      • Prerequiste : no
      • Additional information : Accommodation included
      • A minimum of 4 people is required


      About S.M.A.T

      S.M.A.T Training is a professional structure of actors and operators from conventional medical circles and both state structures and private structures.


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