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Diploma in Close Protection Leadership and Management

Description of the training

Introduction :

Close protection is a critical area of security that aims to ensure the safety and protection of high-risk individuals. Within this sector, the role of Leadership is of paramount importance. This monograph focuses on the role of the Team Leader, and Leadership in close protection, highlighting its responsibilities, skills and the specific challenges it faces, because we believe that to be a good Leadership, we need to be a good Team Leader.

I. Overview of close protection :

  • Definition and objectives of close protection
  • The difference between close protection and traditional private security
  • Importance of close protection in a changing world

II. The role of the Team Leader in close protection :

  • Definition and description of the Team Leader’s role
  • Responsibilities of the Team Leader within a close protection team
  • Skills required to be an effective close protection Team Leader
  • The importance of communication in the Team Leader’s role

III. The challenges of the Team Leader in close protection :

  • Managing the security and protection of high-risk customers
  • Assessing threats and planning security measures
  • Coordination with law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders
  • Emergency management and rapid decision-making

IV. Training and skills development for Team Leaders :

  • Initial training for aspiring Team Leaders in close protection
  • Ongoing training and professional development specific to close protection
  • Development of leadership and crisis management skills
  • Acquisition of in-depth knowledge of security and close protection techniques

V. Case studies of successful Team Leaders in close protection :

  • Case study 1: Successful protection of a political figure on a high-risk visit
  • Case study 2: Effective management of an imminent terrorist attack situation
  • Case study 3: Working with international teams to provide security at international events

VI. Leadership and Management:

  • Introduction to Leadership and Management in Private Security
  • Fundamental Principles of Leadership
  • Team Management and Group Dynamics
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Communication and Customer Management
  • Security and Technology Management
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • Personal Development and Future Leadership

    Practical information

    • Duration: 4 months online
    • Language: English..
    • Diploma: SII Diploma
    • Accessibility: ECPO-certified or equivalent
    • Pre-requisites : 18 years old

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