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TECC lvl 3 SMAT Combat Medic – Tactical Emergency Casualty Care- (Refresh certification)

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Description of the TECC REFRESH ONLINE training

Hello, and welcome to our platform.

This REFRESH is open to all persons holding the MIRA / TECC Level 2 / TECC Level 3 certificate

Many UPDATES have taken place and this refresh will allow you to be up to date in your continuing education and will allow a theoretical RE certification and this according to the guidelines JSOM, C-TECC, etc

You have a limited time of 60 days to consult the different modules and you will be evaluated with written scenarios and multiple choice answers

The RE CERTIFICATIONS is ONLY available to people who demonstrate that they have obtained a certificate or equivalent BEFORE registration
For people who do not have this certificate, it is possible to have access to the training but without certification

Good luck…

About S.M.A.T

S.M.A.T Training is a professional structure of actors and operators from conventional medical circles and both state structures and private structures.


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