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R.A.U.T. Risk Assessment Urban Terrorism (Theory)

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Risk is often defined as a combination of severity and probability or frequency.

The situation and recent events show that this so-called “hostile zone” is moving

PREDICT :- Risk analysis – Equipment to be transported, to be provided according to the activity – Adapted evacuation scheme – Medical action scheme – Extraction scheme – Communication – Perfect knowledge of “drills
OBSERVE :- Constant analysis of the situation at time “T -Constant analysis of the different adaptations of the “planned” schemes – Flexibility of the system in place – Constant analysis of potential risks according to the sequence of events that have occurred – Constant observation of the members making up the “module” in movement, static or waiting to move – Waiting to move. – Observation of the reactions of the members of the “module”. – Observation of the state of communication. (« report H »)
CONCRETIZE: – Putting the different components of the “module” into action according to the various agreed “drills

  • In addition, it is possible to “return” to the observation phase to adapt the different schemes according to the evolution of the situation that has occurred or is in progress
  • Implementation and evolution of the phases CUF –TFC –TEC

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