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DIPLOMA in Close Protection Leadership and Management

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Description of training

Prerequisites: Valid E.C.P.O. certification.

Course Description (CPLM)

Hello everyone,

Remember that success is a journey, not just a result.
Learn from your mistakes, persevere and keep moving towards your goals.

Close Protection Leadership and Management offers a number of important benefits to those wishing to progress in this challenging field. Here are just some of the benefits:

Strengthened leadership:
As a leader, you will be responsible for coordinating and managing a team of close protection professionals. This training will enable you to develop your leadership and team management skills, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensure the safety of your clients.

Technical expertise:
You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of close protection strategies and tactics, including threat avoidance techniques, safe route planning, emergency procedures and more. This technical expertise will enable you to provide effective and professional protection.

Security Awareness :
You will learn to assess risk and anticipate potential threats, enabling you to anticipate and prevent dangerous situations. Your ability to proactively ensure security will be essential in protecting your clients.

Communication and diplomacy:
As a manager, you will be in direct contact with customers and other stakeholders. The training will help you improve your communication and diplomacy skills, which are essential for managing delicate situations and ensuring a relationship of trust with customers.

Professional Network :
Close Protection Leadership and Management training will allow you to network with other professionals in the field, which can open up new career opportunities and partnerships in the industry.

In short, Close Protection Leadership and Management provides a combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will enable you to become a highly qualified security professional and succeed in this challenging and rewarding field.

📅 Get your diploma! To receive your diploma, the theoretical training must be validated by by a final exam. Once you have completed your course, contact to arrange a date for your online exam.

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