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Our franchisees

Want to become a franchisee?

Do you want to open your own training center?

Since 2020, S.M.A.T Training has offered its franchises.

To join our network as a franchisee and become part of our international venture in specialized security training, we invite interested candidates to take an essential first step: requesting our brochure.

Upon careful review of our brochure, candidates are encouraged to fill out our application form. This form is designed to gather crucial information about you and your motivations to become a franchisee within our network. It’s important to answer accurately and honestly, as this will help us best assess your fit with our values and objectives.

Acceptance as a franchisee is contingent upon your profile matching our high standards and requirements. We are looking for partners who share our commitment to excellence in training, in security, whether it be in close protection or medical assistance in hostile zones. Our criteria include, but are not limited to, relevant professional experience, financial stability, as well as the ability and willingness to fully commit to this endeavor.

We are eager to discover passionate and determined candidates ready to excel with us. If you are prepared to embark on this journey, request our brochure today and begin the process to become a key franchisee within our international network.

Why become a franchisee?

A considerables advantages for those who want to develop their business in the field.

  • Access to certification

    Simplified procedures for obtaining our certifications.

    Diplomas/certificates recognised by equivalence

  • Accompaniment

    We support you throughout the first year.

    uch more…

  • Benefit from the S.M.A.T network

    Develop quickly thanks S.M.A.T’s reputation (since 2013)

  • Training your staff

    Validation of the skills of your staff (OPTION)


Want to become a franchisee?

Contact us

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SMAT Training does not have a dedicated center in Ireland, and therefore, the training sessions are organized as efficiently as possible based on availability in the Dublin area.
Training only in English

  • Polaroid PDC 4350


  • Lunch
  • Wifi
  • Theory and practise courses
  • Examen 
  • Certification


  • English

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New centre in Italy

Our new training centre, located in Anzio, has been welcoming you since September 2022. This warm and friendly space offers the best learning conditions to our students.

Access to the center

Minerva centro-Verde
Via Nettunense 57
00042 Anzio, (RM)


  • Wifi / Lunchtime snack
  • Theoretical and practical courses
  • Examen
  • Certification


in a shared room (2/3/or 4) breakfast and evening meal.

  • Hotel

  • Hotel1

  • chambre

  • restaurant

  • restaurant1

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About S.M.A.T

S.M.A.T Training is a professional structure of actors and operators from conventional medical circles and both state structures and private structures.


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