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Description of the training

Qualification developed for those seeking to become security guards.

Topics covered include the role of a security guard, patrolling, basic search procedures, technology in the security environment, and responding to alarm activations.

Students who obtain this qualification and wish to advance in their career may consider the following qualifications: Highfield Level 3 International Certificate in Close Protection

    Course content

    UNIT 1: International work in the security sector
    • Know the purpose and main characteristics of the security sector
    • Understand relevant aspects of health and safety in the workplace:
    • Know how to apply the principles of fire safety
    • Know how to deal with emergencies in the workplace
    • Understand the principles of effective communication
    • Understand the principles of customer service in the security sector
    UNIT 2: International job as a security guard in the security industry
    • Understand the role of a security guard in the security industry
    • Understand the importance and the reasons for patrols
    • Understand how to control entry and exit points
    • Understand basic search procedures:
    • Know the different types of technology available in the security environment
    • Know how to react to alarms
    • Understand the importance and purpose of reporting and keeping records
    UNIT 3: Work in the area of conflict management in the security sector
    • Understand the principles of conflict management
    • Understand how to recognize, assess and reduce risks in conflict situations
    • Understand how to communicate effectively in conflict situations
    • Know how to defuse conflict situations
    • Understand how to develop and use problem solving strategies to resolve a conflict
    • Understanding the best practices to follow after a conflict

    Practical information

    • Duration : modules of 4 days intensive
    • Locations : Italy, Ireland, France 
    • Language : French, English or Italian
    • Exam language : English
    • Certification : Highfield
    • Prerequiste : no


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