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Description of the training

Detailed programme

✓ Protection devices in HZ,

✓ Threat assessment

✓ Surveillance & Counter-surveillance,

– Mobile surveillance, urban, infiltration,

– Covers (live/unlive),

– Night Surveillance,

– Covert and counter surveillance,

✓ Anti-Kidnapping

– Releasing from being bound by rope, handcuffs,

– Combating psychological abuse,

– Any physical attack in a vehicle,

– Adapted medicine

✓ Combat First Aid TECC,

– Medicine in a combat environment,

– Bleeding and tourniquet management,

– Musculoskeletal injuries and braces,

– Environmental (climatic) emergencies,

– Hostage and casualty evacuation procedure,

– Tactical medical kit equipment.

✓ Drill in CQB -Close Quarter Combat-,

– Evolution in CQB (Combat in Enclosed Environments),

– Clearance in limited visibility,

– Tactical planning,

– Dealing with traps in a building,

– Teamwork with limited communication.

✓ T.P.C.R. (Techniques Professionnelles de Combats Rapprochés)

✓ Kamikazes, car bombs, IED and Alarm

✓ Evacuation and extraction.

✓ Escorts and urban movement exercises.

Practical information

  • Duration: 5 days of training
  • Location: Italy
  • Language: French, English or Italian
  • Attestation/certification: SMAT/Highfield…
  • Accessibility: all
  • Pre-requisites : 18 years old
  • Additional information : Accommodation on request


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