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Description of the training

This training provides high skills in the assessment and management of risks and threats for VIPs. Proactive on-site and dynamic protection on the move and team management in the field.

Includes: Highfield Level 2 International Award in Emergency First Aid, Defibrillation and CPR

    Course content

    UNIT 1: Working in close protection
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the person in charge of close protection
    • Know the monitoring techniques
    • Know the research techniques and procedures for close protection operations
    • Understand the importance of threat assessment and risk management
    UNIT 2: Communication in the field
    • Understand site security operations
    • Know the importance of interpersonal skills
    UNIT 3: Planning, demonstration and operational selection
    • Understand the importance of planning and selecting routes
    • Know how to design and demonstrate operational planning
    • Know the importance of recognition
    UNIT 4: Field exercises
    • Know how to perform foot exercises with close protection
    • Know the tactics and operations of moving the vehicle
    • Know the importance of teamwork
    UNIT 5: Conflict management
    • Know how to apply conflict management techniques while ensuring close protection

    Practical information

    • Duration : modules of 12 days intensive
    • Locations : Italy, Ireland, France 
    • Language : French, English or Italian
    • Exam language : English
    • Certification : Highfield
    • Prerequiste : no


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