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HKES Hostile Kidnap Escape Survival

Description of the training

This module will give you the opportunity to get confront new situations and to develop or perfect your interrogation resistance techniques conducted according to the “KUBARK” rules and the “SERE” guidelines.

This module will allow you to push your limits during an escape, in an urban (civilian) environment by using all possible means to reach a determined extraction point and this whilst moving in an environment where you are “wanted”.

Mobility techniques will be put to the test since you will have to evolve in an “URBAN and WOOD” hostile environment.

You will use different guidance and extraction techniques.

This module will allow you to perfect both your usual and “clandestine” survival techniques.

This module will give you personal benefit in terms of increased self-confidence, deeper knowledge of your limits and strengthened team spirit.

A complete debriefing will be carried out at the end of the module by professionals.

Module content:

Module 1: 24 hours of a kidnapping situation
  • Hostage situation

  • Stressful situation

  • “ALICE” protocol scenario

  • Senses restriction situation

  • BUBARK scenario in interrogation and cross-examination

Module 2: 12 to 18 hours of “escape” in urban and difficult environments
  • Escape(escape)

  • Situation of escape and safety

  • Urban and hostile environment escape

  • Orientation scenario in both a difficult environment AND in an urban environment

  • “Wanted” scenario in an urban environment

  • Mobility in a mixed environment

Module 3: 24 to 36 hours of survival in difficult environment (Day pack)
  • Clandestine bivouac scenario

  • Scenario in a difficult environment

  • Principles of survival

    • Shelter
    • Fire
    • Food
    • Clandestine situation
    • “Mobile” survival
    • Medical aspect in survival (TCCC)
Module 4: Debriefing and analysis

Through a debriefing and both an individual and group analysis by professionals, you will be able to determine your own success and new limits.

The goal:

  • To learn
  • To discover
  • To improve
  • To go beyond

NB: Anyone wishing to withdraw from the course will remain on site as an observer and will be an integral part of the analysis process.

Practical information

  • Duration  : Intensive 4-day modules
  • Location : Sezze (Italie)
  • Prerequiste
  • Language: French, English or Italian
  • For whom : Individuals:
    – Accept weaknesses, accept possible failures, confront fears and difficulties, maintain control, exceed  limits….
    –  + Strengthen the cohesion of your teams, colleagues…


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