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E.C.P.O European Close Protection Officer (EN)(Theory)

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Description of training

Hello, and welcome to our platform.

Here, we will tackle the theoretical part, and during the face-to-face, we will put all this into practice, and you will also take your theoretical exam.
One does not go without the other. The price includes all of the training, online theory, and 5 days of practice in Ardee (Ireland), Switzerland or Rome (in Italy, accommodation is included)
I therefore invite you to quickly contact secretariat@smat-training.com in order to complete your file, and select your place of presence, as well as the date.

An important key to success is self-confidence.
An important key to self-confidence is preparation …

The ECPO training you are going to take is of a level comparable to the addition of Btec level III (CPO) + Btec level IV (Hostile environment) from the UK SIA (Security Industry Authority).
The relay (following Brexit) has been taken over by Ireland, and which is at European Level 5.
This training was designed for high risk close protection; either a VIP or a high threat area, for example a security detachment in a hostile area.
This is a very dense compilation of the fundamental aspects of “civilian” close protection, extended to aspects of areas at risk by more military protection techniques.

Acronyms to remember:

CPO : Close Protection Officer (bodyguard)

PPO : Personal Protective Officer (UK) / AIC : Agent In Charge (USA – Secret Service)

CPD : Close Protection Driver

TL : Team Leader

The course consists of 14 modules.
Some are quite short on the theoretical level and others more complex and long but fundamental.
The course does not exempt any unnecessary material …

Some chapters are difficult to separate (such as teamwork and operational plans, or reconnaissance or excavation, etc.) but the course had to be well structured on a theoretical level.
Practical exercises resume the whole.
Close protection requires in-depth knowledge and methodology, but should never be frozen; it must constantly adapt to the context and to the skills available.

Also note that we are going to “skip” on first aid since you will all be taking “First Aid” training during your face-to-face practical training.
Another aspect will only be mentioned theoretically: offensive / defensive and evasive driving which requires several days to be effective and vehicles that you are likely to drive in a risk zone… which is impossible!

This training is therefore divided into several modules, with or without quizzes, tips or study advice.

The Quizs allow you to situate yourself, but the homework or Evidences (Mandatory) have a significant impact on the success of your training.
If you do not pass on your “evidences” your training will not be official

We recommend that you do only one module at a time, or even devote two or more days to it. This in order to be optimal in the “HOMEWORK or EVIDENCES” parts, and to respect the order

If you are having trouble, feel free to ask questions students@smat-training.com

Let’s go!…..

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